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Wheel Weights

Longly Wheel weights are small balancing weights that are attached to the wheel of a vehicle to ensure proper balance. They are used to counterbalance any uneven weight distribution in the wheel and tire assembly, which can occur due to variations in tire construction, manufacturing tolerances, or the addition of accessories.

When a wheel is out of balance, it can cause vibrations and uneven tire wear, leading to a less comfortable ride and potentially compromising safety. Wheel weights are added or adjusted to offset these imbalances, allowing for smooth and stable performance.

There are two main types of wheel weights:

Clip-on Wheel Weights: These wheel weights have a clip or clamp that attaches to the rim of the wheel. They are commonly used on steel wheels and certain types of alloy wheels.

Adhesive Wheel Weights: These wheel weights have a self-adhesive backing and are stuck directly onto the surface of the wheel. They are often used on alloy wheels, as they provide a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wheel weights come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different wheel types and balance requirements. They are typically made of materials such as lead, steel, or zinc. Lead weights have been widely used in the past, but due to environmental concerns, alternative materials such as steel and zinc are now more common.

When balancing a wheel, a tire technician will use specialized equipment to determine the exact weight and location where the wheel is imbalanced. The appropriate wheel weights are then applied to specific areas of the wheel to achieve proper balance.

It's important to have your wheels balanced regularly, especially when installing new tires or if you notice any vibrations while driving. Proper wheel balancing helps to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience while minimizing tire wear.

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Fe Clip On Wheel Balance Weights

Fe Clip On Wheel Balance Weights

Longly Fe clip on wheel balance weights are a type of balancing weights used in automotive wheels to achieve proper balance. These weights are specifically designed to be attached to the rim of a wheel to counterbalance any weight imbalances that may cause vibrations or uneven tire wear.

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Fe Adhesive Wheel Balance Weight Use-friendly

Fe Adhesive Wheel Balance Weight Use-friendly

Longly Fe Adhesive Wheel Balance Weight Use-friendly are commonly used to balance the wheels of cars. These weights are made from iron (Fe) and feature an adhesive backing that allows them to be easily attached to the wheel rim.

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